Cauvery Nursing

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Disciplinary Policy

1. All the students must follow the disciplinary policy and a regulation as framed by the institute, Govt. of Karnataka. and concerned university from time to time.
2. Every student admitted in college is expected to maintain discipline and peaceful environment in College campus.
3. Students must be regular and punctual at lectures, demonstrations, seminars, practical’s, field work and other academic exercises. They are required to attend all allotted working periods in each of the prescribed subjects.
4. In case of non-attendance of classes, an application must be presented to the Principal for leave of absence giving the reasons.
5. Students are required to carry their identity cards certified up-to-date, in their person at all times.
6. Students must wear neat & tidy uniform.
7. Students are required to attend all class tests and surprise tests.
8. Participation of students in allied academic activities is compulsory.
9. Fee should be deposited within the prescribed time and delay may lead to the imposition of fine.
10. Cell phones are strictly prohibited in teaching areas.
11. Students must maintain a sense of decorum and discipline inside the College and its associated institutions, and in public places. Students should refrain from disfig uring walls and furniture’s and from other objectionable practices.
12. Participation in agitation and political activities is an illegal act and is strictly prohibited and such activities are prejudicial to the Institute.
13. Carrying any explosives and weapons are not allowed in the campus.
14. In case of any loss and damage of the Lab articles, the students will have to pay the cost of damages caused by them.
15. In case of dispute on any matter, the decision of management authority would be final and binding.
16. Ragging is strictly prohibited, any person caught indulging in ragging is liable to imprisonment for a term or, with fine as stipulated therein.
17. Smoking, chewing any substance and consumption of alcoholic drink is strictly forbidden in college campus.

Library Policy

1. Each student will be issued a Library Card after his/her successful admission to the concerned course.
2. Library books will be issued only for reference with a time limit of 2 days. Failing to return the books on or before due date, the student will be charged with a penalty of Rs. 10/-per day.
3. Students should preserve their library card till the completion of the course. After completion of their course, they have to submit the library card in Accounts Office to get their NO DUES certificate.
4. Only one book will be issued at a time against one card.
5. Any type of malpractice such as tearing out pages, writing remarks on the library books will be punishable.
6. Misbehaving in the library is strictly prohibited. Students should maintain a calm and quiet environment in the library.
7. Books issued in one student’s name will not be transferred to any other student’s name and also it will not be re-issued to the same student.
8. No books will be issued during examinations.

Vaction & Leave Policy

1. Out of 52 weeks in one academic year, the students will be provided with 4 weeks of vacation, 10 days sick leave and 7 days preparatory leave.
2. Other than these days the students are allowed to proceed on leave only on very special occasions.
3. Before going on any leave the students should inform and get prior permission from the concerned authority.
4. In case of any emergency, it is mandatory to submit the leave application on the next day.
5. No candidate shall be allowed to attend the exams if he/she lacks to attend 80% of theory classes and 100% of practical’s/clinical postings.
6. Absence of any student in periodical tests or internal exams or lacking of attendance will be subjected to pay fine as per the policy.